2023 Annual General Meeting  

Date: September 10th, 2023 

Location:  Springfield TC Clubhouse 


In attendance:   

Board of Directors 2023: 

Maria Tandoc – Acting President 

Fawzi Mattar - Vice President 

Ed Li – Membership 

Tanya Porcellato – Junior Development 

Mark Chan House league 

Wendy Drahovzal – Communications/Secretary 


General Members: 

Eugene Goh, Kun Li, Mohan Gundappa, Stefan Litvinjenko, Khawar Ali Agha, Rida Asha, Yuying Wang 



4 proxies appointed to Maria Tandoc, President  

Jacqueline Carter, Michael Waldstein, Charmaine Bigornia, Donald Crawford 



Ereny Matt - House League  

Rosie Pecoraro - Treasurer and Round Robin 

Vik Punshi – Tournament 

Dean Porcellato - Pro/Coach 






CALL TO ORDER by President Maria Tandoc at 2:15 pm 






  1. Approval of the 2022 AGM Minutes 

  1. Approval of 2022 Financial Statement 

  1. Approval of Resolutions to amended Constitution/Bylaw, Policies 

  1. Election of Board of Directors 

  1. 2022 Season - Executive Report: 

  1. President (Maria & Fawzi) 

  1. Financial (Rosie/Maria) 

  1. Membership (Edward) 

  1. Tournaments (Vik) 

  1. Junior Development (Tanya) 

  1. House leagues/ Round Robin/ Adult lessons (Ereny/ Mark/ Rosie/Dean) 

  1. Social - Fun Fair (Dean/Fawzi) 

  1. Members Voices 

  1. Adjournment of AGM 



Motion to Approve Agenda 

  • No new business stated. 


Motion to Approve Agenda - Ed 

Motion Seconded - Tanya 

Results of Vote: 

In favor - 100% 

Opposed - 0% 

Abstain – 0% 

Motion passed. 



Motion to approve minutes - Ed 

Motion Seconded - Tanya 


Results of Vote: 

In favor - 100% 

Opposed - 0% 

Abstain - 0% 

Motion passed. 








Net income $13,256.19 

Total Assets $68,880.96 


Motion to approve report - Tanya  

Motion seconded - Fawzi 


Results of Vote: 

In favor - 100% 

Opposed - 0% 

Abstain - 0% 

Motion passed. 




Lakeshore position – The executive board decided to keep it for future opportunities. 

Motion for no amendment - Fawzi  

Motion seconded - Ed 

Results of Vote: 

In favor - 100% 

Opposed - 0% 

Abstain - 0% 

Motion passed. 



All board positions below were uncontested. Positions were acclaimed. 

President –Maria Tandoc 

Past President – VACANT 

Vice President Fawzi Fatter – RETURNING  

Treasurer - Rosie Pecoraro – RETURNING  

Communications/ Secretary – Wendy Drahovzal – RETURNING 

Membership – Edward Li – RETURNING 

Tournaments – Vik Punshi – RETURNING 

Junior Development – Tanya Porcellato - RETURNING 

Social – Nergiz Chinoy - ACCLAIM 

House League (2) – Mark Chan – RETURNING 

House League (2) – Ereny Matta – RETURNING 

Lakeshore League – VACANT 


Motion to approve Election of 2024 Board - Mohan 

Motion seconded – Yuying 


Results of Vote: 

In favor - 100% 

Opposed - 0% 

Abstain - 0% 

Motion passed. 



After resurfacing the courts, we raised to the City the issue of deficiencies several times within the warranty period. There was no response from the City.  

A formal complaint letter will be written to follow up on this. 


We raised a request to have our court lights replaced this year, our request is in queue with the City. The executive board would like to have a private contractor give us a proposal so that we have a cost estimate and can discuss it further with the City. We hope that the lights will be done by next season. 

Memorial Bench: 

Diane Glasz–Ward, contacted Maria with the intent to donate a memorial bench for her dad, Pieter J Glasz, who was the club president in the seventies. We will invite her to a meeting to share the details with us. 


Membership Report - Ed Li
Regular Members = 305 (up 22% from last year) 

  • Returning Members = 147 

  • New Members = 158 (We gained a lot of new members after the update to the club's profile on Google, where previously the club did not appear on maps and searches for clubs in Mississauga). 

Junior Participants = 57 

Total Membership Count (incl. junior participants) = 362


House leagues Report – Tanya for Dean, Mark 

The leagues ran for four rounds of five weeks each. 

The singles league was played on Wednesday night, with 25 participants. It seemed that players scheduled matches for alternative days and courts on Wednesday were empty.  

The Doubles league had 20 players. There were not enough subs, so players from other teams were frequently subbing. 

The suggestion is to note in a scoring when subs are from another team. 


Tournament Report – Mark for Vik  

We had three tournaments concluded this season.  

Started with a singles tournament with 24 players signed up. Edward Rusu won the title with Partab Mandhan being the runner-up. 

2nd tournament was a mystery doubles with 22 players forming 11 teams. Partab Mandhan and Ibrahim Toor won the finals playing against Faraaz and Renier.  

The last one was a doubles tournament, with two categories: 26 players in advanced and 10 in intermediate. Choosing the category was up to the player himself or herself. This helped players find more equal-level games. The outsider team of Vlad and Vitality won the advanced category beating Faraz and Kalyan in the finals. In the intermediate category, Alex and Kim beat Dina and Kay in the finals after qualifying from 4 round-robin matches. 

The format of the last tournament was praised the most. If the weather permits, we will conduct one last tournament at the beginning of October, following the same format; i.e. two categories, doubles with people signing up as a team. 


Junior Development Report - Tanya  

Successful Season.  

School program was run for Springfield Public School - 2 full days with over 300 kids.  

Tennis Everyone staff taught tennis during gym classes. A flyer was sent home with all juniors advertising STC. 

Junior League, and Junior tennis lessons/camps were all very successful. 


Fun Fair 

We held our Fun Fair at the beginning of the season, on May 27th. The event is very popular, we had 45 members in attendance, playing court games organized by Dean, competing for prizes, and enjoying a BBQ.


MEMBER'S Voices  

Could we have benches between the courts? Maybe we could have plastic chairs attached to courts 1 & 4. We will discuss options for next year.  

Access to the washrooms 

The clubhouse was vandalized, and we want to minimize the risks. For most of this season, the clubhouse was accessible.  


Dean sprayed the posts. We definitely need the City to help with some spraying. 

Tree roots 

There are tree roots creating an uneven surface by the clubhouse. That part of the property belongs to the School Board. We should bring it up with the City to see how best to address this.  



Motion to adjourn - Tanya 

Motion seconded - Fawzi 

Adjournment @ 3:05 pm 

A copy of the 2023 Financial statement can be provided to members by sending an email to stc.mississauga@gmail.com